We make love visible…

…by portraying inspiring people. We are a team of 4 creatives specialised in the fields of video, graphic design, photography and writing. By reflecting how we can use our creative communication skills for the good, we came up with the idea to develop multimedia campaigns where we portray people who we are really convinced of and want to promote. The withlove project aims to transport the value, which is most important to us. «Love» for us is a positive attitude towards the world, fellow human beings and all surrounding components of daily life. It is a videoblog aiming to make love visible in daily life and our approach to create meaning.
We started spotting and portraying the most inspiring people in vienna basin area. It is surprising, since we focus on this project more and more people are popping up who embody the deep and profound change in our society we are looking for. We can’t wait to share and multiply the spirit of optimism which is already spreading!

Get inspired and unfold your full love potential!