I decided to share my personal science of love with you in the series of Living Withlove. It may not be the ultimate solution for everything and everyone but I can say that it is the most effective way to live a loving, happy and optimistic life for me. It is a special way how to perceive your environment and actions. How to treat people, animals, things, nature, the universe. To love everything around you including yourself.

The glass can always be half full or half empty. It’s your decision how to perceive it. Don’t forget that your optimism starts an inflation of love in your surroundings. In some way it can also be seen as an egoistic action because it always comes back to you (like karma). But don’t get mistaken, essential to my personal science of love is to give without asking or expecting anything back.

By Living with love that means, caring for your environment and feeling compassion towards others makes you a more sustainable human being. As it makes great sense to me to support a sustainable lifestyle I decided to start a Living Withlove series where i give simple tips and tutorials on how to live with love.


Reade my first blogpost here:
Part 1: Create meaning for yourself

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