I feel like in this busy world of ours it’s getting harder and harder to feel yourself. Mostly we are trapped somewhere between our smartphones, cameras and laptops. Especially the young generation has to struggle a lot with the fading borders between free time and work. Our hobbies are becoming work and we now have to deal with setting our own borders and limits because there are none. The world is also getting more global than ever, we can now compare ourselves with 7 billion individuals out there. It keeps telling us everything is possible, (which is great!) but it also takes time and hard work to be able to deal with that much freedom and competition. Whatever you do someone is always better or has already done it.

In the future more and more jobs will be automatised. The new challenge will be to create your own meaning (As we feel like no one needs us anymore) and don’t get trapped in some kind of radical group that creates meaning and the feeling to be needed for us. We will have to be able to deal with that!

In my opinion there is where education should catch. To teach us how to create our own goals and create our own meaning in life. Till then we have thought of some personal advices that work out for me and that you can focus on to keep yourself positive, create meaning and make you feel more connected:

  • Schedule your day
    Set yourself a get up time and schedule your day with special times like your meals where you completely dish your smarthphone and stress and just focus on the wonderful, tasty food in front of you. (Btw your stomach will be thankful and react with good digestion)


  • Keep the natural day/night balance in mind
    I know it’s not always possible, but at least try to. The human is still an animal and is connected to this balance. And an animal needs time to sleep to be able to take the challenges of the day and stay healthy. Don’t sacrifice yourself for your job and also not a hobby that you make to a job. So if you see the sun setting remember there is a time where you need to rest.


  • Buy local,
    sustainable and from the closest opportunity possible. Try to avoid shopping malls where you get lost in the tons of product you could buy. And when you are like me and always trying to find the most sustainable und durable product there is, focus! Is it necessary to spend so much of your precious time on finding the perfect thing? If your answer is No, Try to buy in second hand stores where products are already preused and you will not feel as sad and guilty when your stuff won’t last that long.


  • Be a gardener
    In Japan this is already a common method to relax, to feel more connected to nature and to feel more part of the worlds ecosystem and rhythm. With increasing population moving to the cities around the world already this will get more and more important.
    Urban Gardening – We are coming!


  • Meet up with friends,
    build a group where you feel all cozy and accepted. In the future urban tribes will be a thing! In your small little tribe you can be the best in something you like and be cherished for that. From your side also try to cherish others for what they are and can. Hearing out or being an animator also do matter!


  • Be thankful
    for what you are and have. Don’t let yourself be forced into expectations your parents, teachers or friends have for you. The world keeps changing and so do we. Often your intuition knows best. Accept that you maybe never have a completely stable job like your parents and also maybe no pension 😛 Deal with it!


withlove vero <3

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